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Moving Hazardous Chemicals?

Materials considered to be hazardous in nature should never be packed or transported as they can potentially destroy other belongings in your shipment or threaten the safety of the staff that is handling and transporting your household goods. The list of items considered to be hazardous in nature includes, but is not limited to anything of a flammable or explosive nature (oil-based paint, varnish, thinners, fertilizers, gasoline, kerosene, heating oil, aerosol cans, nail polish and remover, ammunition, and explosives). Products of a highly corrosive nature or items that pose a health threat if spilled or breathed should never be packed or transported (i.e. pool or spa chemicals, insecticides, pesticides). Further, vessels such as propane tanks and gasoline cans should be excluded from your shipment. All of the aforementioned items and anything else of a hazardous nature should be properly disposed of well in advance of your moving date.

Tips for Hazardous Chemicals Moving

  1. The best advise for you is to get rid of the hazardous chemicals via a professional chemical waste removal company.
  2. Refer to your local council laws for dangerous goods removal , if unsure give them a call for assistance.
  3. Make sure the gas-cyclinders are empty before they can be loaded on the truck for the move.
  4. Make sure you use up all the petrol/diesel in the containers well before the move date, its a hazard to carry them in transit. You can give the fuel to your friends who have helped you for the move.
  5. Drain all fuel from lawn movers and other tools.